Dominion Day in Peterborough: 1963


Among other debates taking place in Canada in the mid-1960s!  (Peterborough Examiner, June 28th, 1963)

We are well behind in this series, but that’s ok, we shall pick it up where we left off and check on what was happening around here on the occasion of the national holiday in 1963.  And what we find is a lot of worry about things potentially going “boom,” both internationally and locally, as well as a hot and somewhat grim Dominion Day weekend.  Read on!

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A Couple of Weeks Ago in Peterborough: 1962


Christopher Plummer as Macbeth & Kate Reid as Lady Macbeth at the 1962 Stratford Festival. (Image Source)

And so we resume “This Week in Peterborough”-ing!  When last we checked in, it was mid-June of 1961, so now we move on to the latter part of that month in 1962.  Here we find Peterborians assessing the just-completed federal election, a famous local institution falling on terminally hard times, and a Canadian literary giant attending the theatre.  And what’s that going on over there in Indochina?  Read on…

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Stalked by a Heron


(Photo by Patrick Conway)

We are, as you can no doubt see, a little behind in the “This Week in Peterborough” series, but never fear, posting on that will resume very shortly.  In the meantime, I give you the above image of a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) here in our fair city.  I am very pleased with it, since my experience photographing herons generally involves them flying away while I fumble madly for the camera.  This one, however, had other things on its mind…

I should point out that I was not the one being stalked.  Rather, the heron’s objects of interest were the people fishing off the dock, and what they were pulling in.  The bird was creeping about not too far from them, trying to look innocent while sizing up the possibilities.

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Last Week in Peterborough: 1961


George Street, Peterborough, in the 1960s. (Image Source)

As we saw in last week’s brief post, mid-June of 1961 saw feline Peterborians once again exploring the mysteries that dwell at the top of hydro poles.  However, that of course was not all that was going on!  Read on, for scandal in the Bank of Canada, a historic convoy departing Peterborough, and other such matters…

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Again? Yes, Again.

Our look at mid-June of 1961 will be up in a couple of days, but here is a bit of a spoiler: it would seem that Peterborough’s amazing pole-climbing pussycats were at it again!  Something in the water, perhaps…


Peterborough Examiner, June 15th, 1961.

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Last Week in Peterborough: 1960


The cover of the New Party movement’s 1960 platform paper (Image Source, including the rest of the document).

It is appropriate enough to post this in the week in which he have said our final goodbyes to the great Gordie Howe; June of 1960 found hockey fans likewise bidding farewell to one of the giants of the game.  Elsewhere, a notorious Nazi was finally brought to justice, while at home, Peterborough set out on the road to some political history-making.  Read on!

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Last Week in Peterborough: 1959


Peterborough Examiner, June 2nd, 1959

We’re back (and a little behind schedule, as I’m sure you’re aware)!  Our period of interest for 1959 is actually the very beginning of June, and here we find Peterborians talking missile defence systems, provincial election politics, and — loudly and often — issues related to local traffic.  Read on, for those matters and also an outbreak of Greek gods in Peterborough’s lacrosse scene!

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