McGee Speaks

Thomas D'Arcy McGee (Library & Archives Canada C-016749)

Thomas D’Arcy McGee (Library & Archives Canada C-016749)

In the “This Week in Peterborough” piece on 1858, we took a very quick look at an essay written by Thomas D’Arcy McGee, in which he railed against the Orange Order and voiced some thoughts on what he saw as the path to Canadian “nationality.”  It’s a long piece, and for that reason I did not dissect it in any depth.  However, for the sake of completeness, I’ve transcribed the entire thing, and slung it up over at this blog’s sister site.  Definitely worth a read for anyone interested in what was going on in the Province of Canada as 1867 approached!

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at July of 1861 around these parts.

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