Play Ball!


Credit: Peterborough and District Sports Hall of Fame, image used with their kind permission.

The 1923 “This Week in Peterborough” post will swagger up to the plate tomorrow evening, and — as you may suspect at this point — it’s going to involve quite a lot of baseball.  Peterborough was a bit of a power in amateur ‘ball in the early 1920s, as the picture above illustrates.  As an added note, the team pictured above, the 1920 Central Ontario Baseball League champions, had been the same squad that faced Cecil “Babe” Dye and the Toronto Hillcrests in an October, 1919, exhibition game (an episode that we covered in this post).

As exciting as that day was, what was happening on the diamond in 1923 was even more spectacular!  So think baseball thoughts, and you might also wish to ponder who the gentleman below is (if you’re stuck, you can click on the “Image Source” link)!

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