Peterborough Examiner, October 21st, 1927.

I will crave your indulgence here for one more brief delay on the “This Week in Peterborough” post.  I have all the material, finally, for 1927, and it will be up tomorrow evening.  Next week we’ll be back on schedule.  Read on, however, for a little discussion of advertising jingles, and the possibilities therein…

I invite you feast your eyes upon the advertisement above, for the Plain York Chocolate Bar made by Rowntrees.  And particularly on the sort-of limerick, reproduced here:


Peterborough Examiner, October 21st, 1927.

I say “sort of” a limerick; the rhyme-scheme (AABBA) is traditional, but the first, second, and fifth lines each have one more stressed syllable than is usual for the form.  In any case, it’s a good little poem in that it does in fact scan properly.

Advertising limericks were big in the 1920s, at least to judge from the Peterborough newspapers.  In fact, this week in 1927 one local resident was profiting from proficiency in that genre.  A certain Mrs. Ross, of Boswell Avenue just south of downtown, won the limerick contest hosted by Knechtel Kitchen Kabinet,* Limited at that year’s Peterborough Exhibition.  The competition involved providing a line to complete the following limerick:


Peterborough Examiner, October 21st, 1927.


A Knechtel cabinet of approximately the correct vintage. (Image Source)

Mrs. Ross’s winning entry was: “It’s the acme of Space Conservation.”  She beat out, according to the October 21st Peterborough Examiner, over 25,000 other entries, and won herself — of course — a Knechtel kitchen cabinet, probably similar to the one shown at left.  The prize was valued at $60, and those are 1927 dollars, so it was not an inconsiderable prize.

On that note, ’til tomorrow, when we will discuss matters not related to advertising limericks…

*Yes, the acronym is somewhat problematic.


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